Use this Helpful Doctor Discussion Guide

Answer this quick, 2-part Doctor Discussion Guide for a more open and honest conversation with your doctor. Print your answers and bring them with you to your next appointment.

Answers to these questions are not intended to diagnose a condition or disease or to assess your treatment plan. The answers do not replace the advice of your doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals.

4 questions to ask your doctor

Use these questions as conversation starters at your next appointment. 

  1. What’s the difference between a rescue inhaler and a daily maintenance therapy? 
  2. Based on my symptoms and impact on my daily life, is a once-daily maintenance therapy like ANORO right for me? How will it help my symptoms?
  3. Do you have any other patients who are using ANORO? Has it helped them achieve their treatment goals? What kind of success have they seen?
  4. Are there any lifestyle changes I can make to help manage my symptoms? 

3 tips for a beneficial conversation with your doctor

  1. Advocate for yourself: Use your guide to identify what’s important to you. Speak up if you want to make a change. 
  2. Share personal stories: Highlight any symptoms of COPD that have impacted your ability to complete everyday tasks. Are there any activities that are harder to do because of COPD?
  3. Bring up any lifestyle changes: These may include stress, changes in medication, recent changes in diet or physical activity, changes in smoking behavior, etc. 

Ask for better breathing

Ask your doctor about once-daily ANORO to start treating your COPD.

ANORO was studied in patients with moderate or worse COPD.