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Hear 3 real patients with COPD talk about their experiences before and after taking ANORO.

Barry's story

Barry, a patient living with COPD

Barry’s COPD symptoms were too much for him to handle on his own.

Barry’s moment of realization

Barry realized something was wrong when he was biking with friends and couldn’t catch his breath. He knew he needed to talk to his doctor.

A way forward for Barry

Barry’s doctor diagnosed him with COPD and prescribed once-daily ANORO for his COPD symptoms.

A new outlook for Barry

While on once-daily ANORO, Barry was able to manage his symptoms and continue with his family life and traveling. Results may vary.

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Sharon's story

Sharon, a patient living with COPD

This got Sharon to talk to her doctor about a COPD treatment option.

Sharon’s moment of realization

Sharon didn't know why she was so out of breath after walking up the stairs at her niece's house. That’s when she realized it was time to talk to her doctor.

A way forward for Sharon

Finding out she had COPD, Sharon quit smoking cold turkey, and her doctor prescribed her once-daily ANORO to help control her COPD symptoms.

A new outlook for Sharon

Sharon is living with COPD but knows her COPD is not who she is. She believes ANORO is helping her breathe better. Results may vary.

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Wanda's story

Wanda, a patient living with COPD

Her symptoms led Wanda to talk to her doctor. That’s how she learned about ANORO.

Wanda’s moment of realization

When Wanda began having symptoms such as shortness of breath, she realized it was time to do a little self-care and talk to her doctor. 

A way forward for Wanda

Wanda’s doctor prescribed ANORO to help with her COPD symptoms over the long run.

A new outlook for Wanda

Wanda isn’t letting COPD get in the way of living life. And once-daily ANORO is helping her manage her symptoms. Results may vary.

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